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The Top 6 Reasons to Purchase Commercial Real Estate in Baldwin County

Baldwin County has a great deal to attract new businesses to the area, including a well-trained workforce, low costs, and pro-business practices. Matt Poyner, Executive Director of the Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville & Baldwin County stated, “Milledgeville & Baldwin County is centrally located in Georgia, and is the hub for the five surrounding counties, as the community has a hospital, airport, and three post-secondary institutions of higher education all located within minutes of each other.”

Here are the top 6 reasons to purchase commercial real estate in Baldwin County, starting with the general advantages, then moving onto the advantages specific to the area.

Tangible Assets

Real estate investing is a solid way to diversify your portfolio, because real estate is an asset you can see and touch. Although factors such as occupancy and building valuations can ebb and flow over time, the property will always remain. Commercial real estate investments dodge the kind of risks you encounter with buying stocks in a company that might take a downturn or disappear altogether.

High Yields and Regular Cash Flow

The returns on real estate offer appealing yields in comparison to investment alternatives such as stocks and bonds, or even commodities such as gold. In 2015, the NCREIF Property Index reported a 12.7% annual return, which beat other indexes such as the Dow 30, Russell 2000, and S&P 500. As a great bonus, real estate investments will usually deliver dividends monthly, quarterly or annually, providing investors with a steady cash flow.

Principal Paydown

In the case of mortgaged assets, regular dividends will be used to steadily reduce an outstanding debt, sort of like a savings program. Money paid by renters will diminish the debt over time, while also increasing equity and reducing risk.

Building Availability

The availability of buildings is key when looking into commercial properties to buy, and you can count on The Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville & Baldwin County to continually update their available buildings catalog. There are also a number of excellent local real estate companies and agents with the resources and experience to guide and advise you on the best local properties.

Construction Costs

When considering commercial real estate, local construction costs are always an issue of concern. Luckily, material and labor costs in Baldwin County are more than competitive, as are contractor overhead costs. According to RSMeans, the local score for labor and construction costs is 83, while the national average is 100.

Transportation and Proximity to Major Markets


Baldwin County offers the kind of logistics that draw in commerce. It is central to major markets and offers several modes of transport for moving cargo, including road, air, and rail.  In fact, 82% of commercial markets are within 2 shipping days of Georgia. When it comes to road travel, Milledgeville is just 29 miles from I-16 and 37 miles from I-20. Matt Poyner explains, “The main north/south thoroughfare of US Highway 441 and the newly finished east/west corridor of the Fall Line Freeway both run through Baldwin County, providing ease of access to regional markets and entry into the community for retail opportunities.”

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